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118th Canton Fair Exhibition, 2015

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ZS Socks exhibited in 118th Canton Fair, 2015. It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome new clients and meet friends from all over the world. ZS Socks products, especially sports series (soccer, basketball, running) drew much attention and interests from visitors during the exhibition.


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A Simple Guide To Men’s Socks

Socks are an important piece of clothing, even though most men don’t pay much attention to them. They are not only a visible part of our outfit, but are also important because they are functional. They absorb our perspiration, protect us from abrasion and so much more. A bad pair of socks can harm your feet and mood, while a good one can go a long way.

In this article, we have a look at socks from different angles, such as design, length, functionality and other factors. (more…)

2015 Xtep Onsite Factory Inspection Completed

Onsite factory inspections are regularly conducted by several of ZS clients. From June 1 to 15, a new round of factory inspection was conducted by Xtep. Being one of the top sports and leisure products brand in China and a Hongkong stock market listed company, Xtep follows a very strict inspection procedure for all of its suppliers. ZS socks co. has won the title of “Outstanding Supplier of the Year of Award” for a straight 3 years. This time, inspection professionals again thoroughly went through all aspects of company business, including production safety measures, management, welfare, and quality control. By the end of the whole inspection process, they gave ZS a nice approval and therefore it’s a good sore pass again.

For years ZS socks co. has been kept improving management level and quality assurance measures, the goal was to gain more trust and approval from our clients.

ZS Annual Fireproof Drill


May 9, all members of ZS socks co. participated in the annual fireproof drill. Firefighters from city fire brigade were invited to ZS factory and instructed on firefighting equipment usage and daily fireproof practices. The drill was meant to improve fireproof consciousness of ZS staff.

We were so grateful for the guidance and instruction from firefighters. ZS always put safety of staff in the first place, since it’s the basic of long-term business development and the guarantee of smooth production.

ZS Socks Attend 2015 Jinjiang Textile Industry Annual Meeting



Textile industry annual meeting was held on March 6. The meeting mainly analyzed the industry condition of 2014 and put a forecast on the development on 2015-16.

Participants on the meeting exchanges ideas and understanding about the industry trend and influence of economy conditions. ZS socks co. GM Allen Ding also expressed his own idea on the meeting. It’s a fact that the whole textile industry is facing tough challenges from both domestic economic downturn and lowered cost competitiveness to southeastern Asia countries. An important way to tackle the difficulties is to present our quality advantages and production stability. In order to have a long-term development, further improving management system and streamlining the whole production process to have a better cost control level will be really critical to ourselves.

It is true that difficulties are on our shoulders, but fight against them is how we grow up and grow bigger.

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